Info selling

After consultations on pricing, appointments, etc ... we take photos and we put your home in the shortest time free on our website. Usually the photos are taken on a sunny day after appointment so you’ve got plenty of time to tidy-up your home. After all, do you ever book a hotel where the pictures doesn’t look nice!

We advertise our homes via the Search Engine/portal of Kyero which are viewed by an international audience worldwide.


Once we’ve contacted you for advertising your property, we need to advice you to obtain an energy certificate which is obliged and valid for 10 years. There are heavy fines to us as an agent if this is market without the energy rating.

This could be obtained through an architect of a lawyer or an sollicitors office. We can always recommend you somebody to do this. Once in possession of this energy certificate we propose a contract agreement with our conditions, which is signed by both parties.

In Spain there is no exclusivity of agencies, so you can advertise your property within various agencies!

What we need from you?

  • Identity from the owner (s)
  • Copy of the owner's identity card (s)
  • Copy of the title deed of the seller (s)
  • Nie No (s) of the vendor (s)
  • Last invoice of electricity and water bill
  • Last invoice of IBI (SUMA)
  • If there is a community of owners data from the president
  • Plans and drawings if available
  • Energy Performance Certificate (through an architect)

Let's hope that we can sell your property!