Mortgage (finance)


As a non-resident in Spain you can obtain a loan up to 50% of the purchase of the property (at no cost).

As a resident to 70% of the purchase of the home.

Please note that there are now no longer allowed on housing loans without residence certificate or "Certificado de habitacion" or "Cedula".

In this case the property for 100% cash must be purchased. These requirements will be given more information on the spot.

We have been working together for years with a familiar Spanish bank where personal service and low costs are borne paramount.

If a loan is applied in Spain, we have the following information is needed:


  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • The payroll of the last 3 months
  • Last tax return


  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • Last tax return
  • Financial Statements of the previous year