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The Costa Blanca or "literally" white shores is located in the southeastern part of Spain in the province of Valencia which is divided into three provinces, Valencia, Castellón and Alicante.

We are in the province of Alicante with famous seaside resorts like Benidorm in the north and Torrevieja in the south.

The Costa Blanca can be divided into two regions, the Costa Blanca North and South, leaving the provincial capital Alicante exact location on the divorce.

The northern part is more hilly and mountainous and also greener because there is more rain and the south is drier with more sunny days, much of which is flat. This part is centrally located between the cities of Elche and the provincial town of Orihuela is called "Vega Baja" which literally means "low culture". Millions of years back there was a large wetland area and there will be also done a lot of vegetables, there are lots of lemon and orange groves, olive trees, almond trees, pomegranates and many more Mediterranean plants which we find there.

Alicante Airport is a race about 2 ½ hours of Belgium and slightly longer from the Netherlands and is just about everyday accessible from all northern European countries.

An identity card is sufficient for Spain to join and you can have a maximum of € 10,000 in cash on without them explaining the origin.


One of the main reasons that each year many foreign tourists visit this part of Spain is that there are about 320 days of sunshine each year with an average climate of 28 ° C in summer and 18 ºC in winter.

To get a detailed overview of annual temperatures, therefore please consult a professional website.

Bathing is done from the month of May / October unless of course the pool is heated during the colder months.

Opening times:

In the Costa Blanca are the traditions are still of paramount importance and the "siesta" is still very strong.

Hereby the hours are adjusted and this would look as follows:

From morning 09h00 to 14h00 and from 16h30 to 20 - 21h00

During summer months, supermarkets and chain stores are even open until 23h00 - 24h00

Restaurants are open continuously from 13h00 to 16h00 and from 19h00 to 23h00.